Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what is the reason of doing haziraat?

Assalam oalaikum,
Mostly amils do haziraat and they do it on the victims of black magic. Some of the amils do haziraat of moakkils through children. Whatever information they seek they may get it through the medium of children. However, this blog is about the haziraat of the jinnat. Therefore I shall discuss only this specific topic here. The reason why the jinnat are compelled to do haziraat or be present through the medium of the victim is to reprimand them and to threaten them so that they leave the victim and never dare to disturb him or her again. Sometimes the jinnat are very stubborn and do not comply easily. In such cases the amils can also inflict pain on them through some amals to punish them and to make them surrender. So basically when an amil compels the jinnat to do haziraat in front of him he his actually trying to make him come in front of the amil from within the victim. Once the jinnat do so, the amil has to bring them under his control, either by threatening him or by punishment, so that they leave the victim and never disturb him or her again.
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Amel Soname

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