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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

haziraat at the holy shrines

Assalam oalaikum,
All of you might have noticed that on some specific mazaars the jinnat are made to appear and they cry and protest to protect themselves. The haziraat is not done on every mazaar. It is done only on those mazaars on which the Buzurg has granted Faiz-e-Aam. This means that the Buzurg or the Holy Saint of that mazaar has allowed the spiritual help that he used to offer during his lifetime, to continue even after he passes away. Some of the Burugs on whose mazaar faiz-e-aam is offered are Shah Aqiq Baba, Shah Jalal Bab and Mir Datar Saheb.
The process is such that when a victim of black magic visits such a mazaar the jinnat who has possessed him is compelled to appear before the Buzurg of the mazaar. When he is punished by the Buzurg he screams and howls and starts jumping and doing somersaults. The haziraat process starts and the Buzurg go on torturing the jinnat till he surrenders before the Buzurg. The Buzurg make him promise before him that he will never try to harm the victim again. When the jinnat are brought to book they are left by the buzurg. Sometimes the haziraat process is long-drawn and may go on for a long time. The victim has to visit the mazaar every Thursday. The Buzurgs have immense power and if the jinnat try to avoid the haziraat then the Buzurgs send forth their spiritual agents who nab the jinnat and bring him before the Buzurgs. At the mazaar, the jinnat are beaten black and blue by the spiritual agents of the Buzurg. The reason behind all this beating is to make the jinnat surrender and promise before the Buzurgs that they will never do mischief again with the victim. When the jinnat are beaten to pulp and cannot bear the pain any longer so they fall down upon the feet of the Buzurg and they start wailing in front of them. They promise not to harm the victim. After this they are set free by the Buzurgs.
For making the jinnat do haziraat before the Buzurgs of the mazaar the victim has to viist the mazaar or else there is a special place outside the mazaars where the victim has to be present. After this, automatically the process of beating the jinnat and bringing them to book starts.

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